These are a sampling of testimonials going back over my lifetime from friends, colleagues, clients, co-writers, and such. Some arrived recently at my request, while others have trickled in over the years. Usually the context will tell. All can be contacted directly. However, I have endeavored not to list anyone who has hired me confidentially.

“Steve Eggleston is one of the most professional writers I have ever dealt with. I spent 21+ years in the motion picture industry and never have I been more impressed with someone's work ethic, meeting milestones, researching nearly every subject matter in our Novel and going the extra mile to continually improve our joint work. A very rare individual indeed. We actually spent the last three weeks plus working side by side to improve our Novel from very good to what I believe will be a Bestseller. I would be pleased to personally discuss anything further about Steve with anyone. SIMPLY AN AMAZING INDIVIDUAL! ”

— Jon Gordon, March 2016 - present

Co-writer The Food Mafia, Colleague, Friend

Jon Gordon is a successful entrepreneur, co-author of The Food Mafia, and founder of Constitutional Change Now, a movement to impose term-limits and lobbyist restrictions on the U.S. Congress

‘Steve is simply articulate and creative beyond measure; a force of nature.’
— Peter Rafelson, December 1, 2017

Colleague and Friend of Many Years

Peter Rafelson is an award-winning producer, musician, actor, filmmaker, scorer, media maven, and the son of Academy-award winning Director Bob Rafelson.

“Hi Steve, here you go: ‘There used to be a time (long ago) when a man's word was his bond. I fired my first co-author as I got tired of his excuses and lies. Imagine to my surprise and shock being introduced to a new co-author who kept his word about when certain projects would be completed and done well to boot! Steve not only was prompt and timely but made for a great teammate as we continue even today to bounce ideas and writings off of each other. Thanks Steve for helping me get across the Publishing Goal Line and spike the ball!!!!!’ Hope you like my analogy, Ken”
— Doctor Kenneth Polke, December 1, 2017

Co-Writer Conquering Your Adversities, Client, Friend

Dr Kenneth Polke is a former NFL Quarterback for the World Champion Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns, as well as a Dental Surgeon, Author, Speaker, and man who has conquered many adversities. See our book at

Windtalker Security Software Content Writer Supporting Sales, Marketing, White Papers, ebook (Legal-Technology, Cybersecurity)
— Douglas Martinez, December 18, 2017

Client (and fast becoming friends)

Doug Martinez is the Executive Senior Vice President of Windtalker Security, a cybersecurity firm working with law firms, lawyers, and the U.S. courts.

“It is hard to articulate exactly how much of an impact Steve has had on my project. His knowledge, experience, and command of the English vocabulary transformed my ideas into an amazingly powerful book. I don't really need to give him a testimonial because all you need to do is read his work ... Do that, and you will know he is the one!!! It was the best decision I made. Thank you, Steve! You are forever a part of our book that we wrote together. I know our message will change many lives. It has been a real pleasure working with such a professional, a gentleman, and down to earth guy who has his heart in the right place and is a true master of his craft. Look forward to the next book ;)”
— Suzanne Ridley, January 2017-present,

Client and Co-Writer, Ridley’s Fast-free Diabetes Solution.

Suzanne Ridley is a Pharmacist of 40+ years from Sidney, Australia

“Steve and I have worked together on several different events in Vegas. I appreciate all that he has done for me whenever I came into town with my crew of tattooed ladies. Working with him has been a great experience. He has been my favorite publicist. Your ethics and integrity have always been on point and rockin! Thank you again for all you have done.”
— Frankie Scorpion, December 1, 2017

Colleague and Friend

Frankie Scorpion is a Tattoo Socialite and founder of the largest organization of outspoken, tattooed-women in the world

“Steve Eggleston is one of the most prolific authors I have ever met or worked with. Books seem to tumble out of him left right and centre about all manner of fascinating subject matters and never more interesting than challenging out-of-date views and beliefs around health and the food industry. Both his own books and those he co-authors are always full of endless well-researched information which he puts into a readable framework for all.”
— Lynne Franks, December 1, 2017

Lynne Franks is an iconic British publicist, founder of London Fashion Week and the British Fashion Awards, inspiration for Absolutely Fabulous, one of the longest-running television shows in British TV history, founder of the Power of Seven, author, speaker, friend and so much more.

“An amazing talent.”
— Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson is a 7 x Grammy-winning producer-mixer-arranger with 150+ diamond/platinum/gold records and 250 million records sold

[Spoken to a crowd of judges and lawyers when appointed to the Superior Court bench]: “And I’d like to thank Steve Eggleston. He’s right there. He taught me everything I know about Constitutional Law.”
— Judge Gerald Bakarich, 1978 - present

Client, Old Friend and Law School Classmate

Gerald Bakarich is a retired Sacramento County Superior Court Judge, former Sacramento County Prosecutor, and former Sacramento County Police Detective