I have been writing publicly all my life. It started when I was 13, when I witnessed a friend’s dog get sucked into the wheel well of a passing car. Abhorred, I wrote an essay about the tragedy for my eighth grade English class at Cole Junior High School in Ashland, Kentucky. So moved was the teacher that she convinced the Principal to read it over the P.A. to the whole school. A writer was borne.

In law school I became Editor of the Law Review for two years, then graduated Valedictorian and thereafter served as an award-¬winning law professor. As a practising attorney, I wrote, reviewed and edited literally hundreds of legal briefs. Several of my cases become precedent-¬setting, reported appellate decisions. In jury trials, I frequently quoted inspirational passages from the great authors, men and women of history, having read hundreds of books in my life’s journey. But after winning millions of dollars in verdicts, I wanted something new, so I transitioned to a full-¬time entertainment executive position, music manager and now writer.

As COO of One Roof Entertainment, I wrote three feature film scripts in collaboration with major motion picture studios. Then when visiting Las Vegas one weekend, I was tapped as COO of Vegas Rocks Magazine & Media, where for four years I covered, photographed and wrote about the biggest bands in the world. Ultimately my dear friend, Paul Aratow, co-founder of Chez Panisse and Producer of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, told me to put down the scripts, over which I had continued to toil, and write books instead.

So that’s what I did. Though I had co-written a popular legal practice book, “Labor & Employment in California,” as a young attorney (it has been in publication and updated annually for 20+ years), it wasn’t until 2014 that I finished my first fiction novel. Conflicted, a Trip Splatter Novel, met with critical praise from some of the biggest writers in the thriller genre, including most notably 17 x New York Times bestseller, John Lescroart, whose review is quoted on the cover of the book.

In August 2016, I finished two new books. The first, Overcoming Your Adversities, was co‐written with Dr. Kenneth Polke and tells his story: How a kid from Bomb City USA went from the mafia-ridden streets to the NFL… before ultimately becoming a successful doctor. New York Times bestseller Patrick Snow, the author of three-million seller Create Your Own Destiny, initially took the book on for marketing and self-¬publishing, and now it is under consideration by the one-and-only literary lion himself, Peter Miller.

One month later, I completed The Food Mafia, written in collaboration with motion-picture veteran Jon Gordon. This book is inspired by the Clemmy’s Ice Cream saga, Jon’s own story about launching a sugar-¬free ice cream company before being crushed by Big Food and Big Sugar. It is under consideration by Ron Meyer, head of Universal Studios, as a potential major motion picture in the vein of John Grisham’s The Firm meets The Insider. That book was followed by my co-write fiction cyberthriller, Flatline: The Day London Died, and a non-fiction with credit, on Ridley’s Fast Diabetes-free Solution.

A half-dozen more books are on the near horizon, but some are protected under NDAs and some just aren’t ready to reveal. Timing, as we know, is everything in the wonderful world of storytelling.

In addition to writing books, I have taught collegiate history, politics, ethics, copyright and Understanding the Music Business. Because of my diverse and storied background, I am often called upon to provide ghostwriting, co-writing, story-editing, and consultation for books, PhD thesis, White Papers, Marketing Personaes, academic materials and content for websites and online platforms of every kind. Most of the time I am disciplined, funny, and creative, priding myself in going above and beyond the call of duty whenever possible.

I am married to Dana Amma Day, the co-¬foundering media guru of PositiveTV.tv, with whom I appear in the picture that dons this page. I live alternately between San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Pilton, England, whilst collaborating with other writers and clients from all over the world.

For the behind-the-scenes on how some of my books and writing projects have come about, be sure to dig deep into the various tabs and sub-tabs of this website.