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By Steve Eggleston (100,000+ words)

Published: 2014 on Peter Miller’s Imprint,

21st Century Lion Publishing; 2016 on Eggman Global Books

A DETECTIVE NOVEL…introducing Trip Splatter, “the most distinctive and unusual investigator in a decade…”

If you’re reading these clips in order, you may wonder why I’ve jumped around rather covering the books in chronological order? The reason is simple: sometimes books are that way. As my friend Paul Aratow used to tell me, “Steve, remember that some of the best stories sometimes start in the middle.” So true. The chronology of events only matters in allowing the story to unfold in the most desirous way, relevant to your goal.

Conflicted is my most accomplished work. It was my first fiction work, my first legal thriller, and my first detective novel. It took me ten years to evolve the story, and three years and three page-one re-writes to get it to where I wanted to go. In the first draft, the lawyer was the hero and it was written in third-person past tense. That version bored me, so re-wrote it in present-tense first person, from the attorney’s point-of-view. I smelled blood, knowing I might have a great book if I could rewrite it again with a killer twist.

I did. The third re-write switched protagonists to the attorney’s best friend with the wild and crazy name of Trip Splatter, who told the story in first-person present tense progressive from his viewpoint as the attorney’s detective and best friend. Only then, in this third draft, did the science of writing become art.

Conflicted launched my writing career as it is today, but Conflicted almost didn’t get written at all. It started off as a screenplay until my pal Paul Aratow, producer of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, said, “Stevie, darling, put down the screenplay and write a book. You’re prolific and good and smart and most importantly, only 150 movies get made each year. Stop playing the lottery with your career and make it happen.”

And ladies and gentlemen, that’s the power of books. No one can stop us from writing them and today, with self-publishing and indie-publishing at its zenith, a book can be released to as wide an audience as the power of your marketing can reach. Some books go viral, some sit on a shelf, but all of them tell a story that needed to be told. When Conflicted was finally finished, Paul’s friend Peter Miller – the literary lion whom I mention throughout the website - took me on.

With Peter’ gravitas, John Lescroat, 17 x New Times thriller bestseller, agreed to review the book. His highly-praiseworthy review and those of several others, on the wings of Paul’s idea, lifted my writing career to a higher level, making it possible for me to be where I am today. Here are several reviews that make me proud I became a writer.

Conflicted Front Cover:

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"Killer book. I loved every page of it… CONFLICTED is a total winner on every level. Great courtroom stuff, great characters, great plot, narrative mega-drive and - in Dave Splatter, P.I. - a stand-alone hero for the ages."
— John Lescroart, 17 x New York Times Bestselling
Thriller Author

"Steve Eggleston's Conflicted is a chilling, funny, moving, shocking thriller and Eggleston keeps every one of those elements in balance as he moves his story at a breakneck pace through as delicious a set of complications, recomplications, and surprises as I've seen in a long time. Trip Splatter may well be the most unusual and distinctive investigator to be introduced this decade, and eagerly I look forward to his next adventure."
— Keith Ferrell, New York Times Bestselling Author and Former OMNI Editor in Chief

"If the law ever produced a more colorful character than Steve Eggleston himself, I'd probably be afraid to meet him. Eggleston has taken that colorful, irreverent personae of his - and an encyclopedic knowledge of the law and the characters who pass through that suspense-filled world - and created a character as colorful and outrageous as his name: Trip Splatter. Conflicted is a roller coaster ride through the dark and twisted world of criminals and those who hunt them.”
— James Dalessandro, Author of Bohemian Heart and 1906

Customer Reviews

A MUST read! Twists and turns I never saw coming! Characters both genuine and unique. Believable th roughou t ye t th rilling, and breakneck speed action. Who could ever figure out such complex connections among the players? Surprises on the final pages. Left me eage r fo r the nex t ride wi th Eggleston driving!
— Paul Walmsley

I started reading this book one evening and couldn't stop reading! The clock rang 4 a.m. and I was still reading. What a gripping, exciting, riveting, sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat story this is! If you like gum shoe detectives flavored with Asian Mafia, you are gonna love this book! I cannot give it more than five stars, but I would if I could! Wish my publishing company would have found this author first!
— Dr. Kitty Bickford

CONFLICTED is an awesome legal thriller!! I had planned to take my time reading this novel, but then found myself unable to put it down. Steve Eggleston weaves unique characters into an exciting plot with many layers that keep the reader on the edge of their seat. As the first eve r Ame rican -Asian She rlock Holmes, Dave "Trip" Splatter P.I. is a real hero worth admiring. The story ends with such an incredible and surprising twist I'll be talking about this book for years.
— Michael Bates

It is rare that a first time author truly nails a genre and shows a natural mastery of the form. Steve Eggleston’s new noir thriller does just that. Eggleston creates a dark reality in which the hero, Trip Splatter, tries to solve an old crime while discovering new ones and embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Trip Splatter is a fascinating Chinese-American character with deep issues that haunt and obsess him. In the tradition of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett, Eggleston has created an updated version of the classic archetype: the hip, addicted and very modern American antihero who struggles with past and present traumas that inform and drive the story. Trip Splatter is compulsive, weird and fascinating. The more we discover about him, the more we discover the darkness at the heart of this tale of addiction, corruption and murder. This is a must read for noir fans and I predict this is just the first of Trip Splatter’s adventures. It won’t be long before you see Trip Splatter on the big screen and your preferred media. Enjoy!
— Harris H. Wilder