Steve Eggleston


A CYBERTHRILLER…the day that London died

Sometimes it’s lucky to be an American. As you know if you’ve perused this website, I’ve been fortunate to meet dozens of clients via my Upwork profile and one of them is the amazing Kevin Swann. Kevin is a cybersecurity expert who has consulted far and wide, including stints with the British secret service, MI6. He read Conflicted and the great reviews, but that’s not what sold him. Other co-writers have great books with great reviews.

What sold Kevin is that the fiction cyber-thriller he wanted told involved two brothers, one British and one American. Thus he felt he needed a ghost or co-writer savvy in Americans. And then my background also made a difference. First my diverse past came to aid, as I was not just a former law professor, but also a former adjunct professor in American History, Politics, and Ethics at the college level, the son of a F100 Fighter and B52 Bomber pilot, and had recently founded Drones for Humanity. Yes, I was an American lawyer with an interest in technology.

The result was Flatline, A CYBERTHRILLER…the day London died. We are currently in Beta review but you can bet your bottom dollar that Flatline will be in Peter Miller’s able hands before the 2018 Book Fairs begin.