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I’d done a bunch of White Papers over the years, but they rose to a higher level when I was hired by Windtalker Security, a company blazing trails in the all-important arena of information security or InfoSec for court systems, attorneys,  and their clients. Windtalker had identified a hole in the cyber-security market that translated into a hole in the American legal justice system: the gatekeepers of justice, America’s lawyers and the American court system, were out of step with progress when it came to the security of digital information and data.

So Windtalker Security developed a software to secure the relations between attorneys, clients, and the court system. To reach the market effectively, they needed a writer who understood the worlds of law, litigation, marketing, law firms, security, and the courts. That person was me, and because of this relationship, I have written numerous White Papers addressing the subject of information security on a wide variety of levels. Two have been posted on the website, , “Lessons from the Sony Hack: It’s a Scary Cyber-World Out There,” and “In the Wake of Shore v. Johnson & Bell: All Law Firms Face Potentially Catastrophic Liability,” with many more on written and on deck.

As we take this product to market, I also write personaes and analyze ROI and such, but the most exciting thing is that I’ve been commissioned to write a book with Windtalker’s VP of Operations, Doug Martinez, beginning with this lead-in: The World is a dangerous place…

“Cybersecurity Solutions for Law Firms” by Doug Martinez and Steve Eggleston

Adequate Cybersecurity is the only option to save the American Legal Justice System

This book will also serve as the basis for a series of lectures, FAQs, and the upcoming WTS Blogs on Cyber-security in the legal profession and court system.