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“Ghostwriter for Hire.” This is the opening phrase from Andrew Crofts’ book, Confessions of a Ghostwriter. Andrew explains that he placed these words into an ad in The Bookseller, a publishing trade magazine, decades ago to start his ghostwriting career. He has since become the most prolific ghostwriter in history. Hugely, quotes from Crofts anecdotal book begin each chapter of thriller writer Robert Harris’ The Ghost, which also became a motion picture.

Because of Andrew, I did not have to write a business plan for Confessions of a Ghostwriter is the plan, all spelled out with witty examples and hard-driving, no-nonsense advise. So what is a ghostwriter? A ghostwriter is an unaccredited writer, the guy or gal who writes the book on which another person – usually a celeb or someone famous – puts his or her nam. President Donald Trump’s book, The Art of the Deal, by Donald Trump, comes to mind as an example. He – Trump – didn’t write any of it, though it became a bestseller because of his celebrity and the quality of the book.

That’s one of the things I do: ghostwrite books, novels, stories, articles, you name it, for other people, where your name not mine gets credited. But let me add a thought to this notion of ghostwriting. It’s no longer as vogue. Today, readers understand that busy celebs and famous people aren’t writers and even if they might take a go at it don’t have the time to give their story the justice it deserves. These people call upon me, usually with an NDA to accompany it. An NDA is an acronym for Non-disclosure Agreement.

That said, many people who find me because they are looking for a ghost, change their minds and make me proudly a co-writer. And that’s because I work well with my co-writer, it’s vogue to have one, and readers appreciate the transparency. I’m even hired to be the ghost to other ghostwriters who have so many projects they need help behind the scenes. A ghost of a ghost. Then they take my words and conform it to theirs or their client’s. It’s a racket, I tell ya, but a good one.