Steve Eggleston Writes

“Lift Up Your Head,” by Paul Crow with Steve Eggleston – An Inspirational Memoir – 2018

Paul Crow also came to me from my friend and agent of sorts, Luke Shipman of The London Ghostwriting Company, who found me via a family friend, Cambridge University alum-writer-thespian, Jacqueline Haugh, who herself was a ghost at TLGC. Paul came to me with a title, “Life Up Your Head,” which captured eloquently his mighty conquest, rising to the top of the IT disaster simulation market from the Burngreave ghetto. But though he came armed with the title, the story was otherwise untold. It was in memory organically, but he had never expressed it before.

So we made our deal and set out on the adventure of co-writing a book, video-conferencing Wednesday after he finished work, and the occasional weekend. Six months later we had what in America would be called a Horatio Alger’s story, a “rags to riches” tale, or what in England, from which he hailed, Dickensesque. Yet Paul was determined to push his story further, to inspire not just poor kids like him, but communities and cities to lift up their heads and shoot for the stars…because if you don’t hit the stars, you’ll land on the moon.

We choose two covers for his book, one for more stodgy commercial audiences who might want to see the face of the speaker before them on the cover, and the other for the general marketplace, more abstract and inspiring to the abstract eye. In today’s digital, print-on-demand world, both are entirely possible and proper. The pressure seemed to be on with Paul’s book, because he was leaving IT to promote the book and take his message on a speaking tour throughout England…and as far as it would take him. But his IT skills were so in demand, that he’s doing both.

And if I get my way, if my influence can make a difference, he will do two things more, in tandem: run for political office, and be knighted for the message he’s delivering.