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Writing White Papers on a diversity of subjects, from law and cybersecurity to food, diet, diabetes, technology, and the future.

I’d done a bunch of White Papers over the years, but they rose to a higher level when I was hired by Windtalker Security, a company blazing trails in the all-important arena of information security or InfoSec. It may be the most important dimension of security or lack thereof in the entire tech sector, and Windtalker had identified a hole in the cyber-security market that translated into a hole in the American legal justice system: the gatekeepers of justice, American lawyers and the American court system, were out of step with progress when it came to the security of digital information.

So Windtalker Security developed a software security protocol to sell to both. To do this, they needed a writer who understood the worlds of law, litigation, marketing, law firms and the courts. That person was me, and because of this relationship I have written numerous White Papers addressing the subject of information security on a wide variety of levels. Those that have been posted on the website, https://windtalkersecurity.com/about , include, Lessons from the Sony Hack: It’s a Scary Cyber-World Out There and In the Wake of Shore v. Johnson & Bell: All Law Firms Face Potentially Catastrophic Liability, and there will be many more to come. As we take this product to market I also write personaes and analyze ROI and such, but the most exciting thing is that I’ve been commissioned to write a book with Windtalker’s VP of Operations, Doug Martinez, with this title page: The World is a dangerous place…

Cybersecurity Solutions for Law Firms

Adequate Cybersecurity is the only option to save the American Legal Justice System

This book will also serve as the basis for a series of lectures, FAQs, and the upcoming WTS Blog on Cyber.