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The Emperor is Naked

Not all readers are the same. Like every person is different, so too is every reader. Some are too busy to read much. Except on a long vacation or flight, they don’t have the time.

Others have a little bit of time, but only so much. An occasional evening, a lazy Sunday, regular commuter flights. Then there’s the insatiable who can devour a whole opus like weightless caramel corn…

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Brita is my new hero.

Brita Water Filters clean ordinary tap and stream water through a patented water filtration system that has been around for decades. For a 20 spot, you can buy a fabulous pitcher or carry-anywhere thermos.

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It begins with a spark. You have an idea that deserves a book. It could a memoir, a fictional story that would make a good read, maybe even a movie, a real-life injustice that cries for exposure, or simply a way to establish yourself as an authority in your chosen field of endeavor.

You’re not a professional writer or you’re so busy you need help to write this book. You scour the internet, delve into the google ads, consume the organic search results, and go onto Upwork. When the process is done, you’ve hired yourself a ghostwriter to collaborate on your book.

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Steve’s latest freelance writing on cybersecurity including whitepapers and case-studies. Examples include:

Whitepaper: For Hackers, Confidential Attorney Communications Are Easy Prey

Case Study: Shore v. Johnson & Bell the Catastrophic Potential of Cybersecurity Lapses at Professional Services Firms

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A Memoir is literally a slice of life – your life.

It is not an autobiography, which is your whole life, cradle to, well, just before the grave. Nor is it a biography, which is someone else’s life, often cradle-to-grave, and not your own.

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