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“Steve Eggleston is one of the most professional writers I have ever dealt with. I spent 21+ years in the motion picture industry and never have I been more impressed with someone’s work ethic, meeting milestones, researching nearly every subject matter in our Novel and going the extra mile to continually improve our joint work. A very rare individual indeed. We actually spent the last three weeks plus working side by side to improve our Novel from very good to what I believe will be a Bestseller. I would be pleased to personally discuss anything further about Steve with anyone. SIMPLY AN AMAZING INDIVIDUAL!-Jon Gordon (Review on Upwork)

The Food Mafia, by Jon Gordon & Steve Eggleston
Work: March – October 2016 (100,000+ words)

Review by multiple, award-winning British author (of 24+ fiction and non-fiction works) Piers Paul Reed said: “Hi, Jon.  Many congratulations to you and Steve Eggleston on The Food Mafia.  It is quite a saga, with convincing detail, and all the feeling that comes from your own experience.  It should be a best-seller.  Best wishes, Piers.”

MARKETING FOR CELEB HYPNOTIST AS SEEN ON MTV (February 2016 – Review on Upwork): “Another home run on up work! This guy is extremely smart! He is fast. He worked on the weekend and went over and above the call of duty to get things done. I would highly recommend Steve. I will work with Steve over and over again! Not only is he a lawyer-but he is a shrewd businessman. I couldn’t ask for a better freelancer. I couldn’t be happier, thank you so much!”

“WOW! GREAT work! Better than anticipated, better than I knew it could be. You did in a couple of days what would have taken me a couple of months to do without you, and my work would not have been in the same league as yours. Quick, perfectionistic, personable, and professional. What else could I want? That is easy, to work together again!” (Apr 2014 – Review on Upwork)

Reviews for Steve’s Book Conflicted:

“Killer book. I loved every page of it. CONFLICTED is a total winner on every level. Great courtroom stuff, great characters, great plot, narrative mega-drive and – in Dave Splatter, P.I. – a stand-alone hero for the ages.” -Review by 17 Times New York Times bestselling thriller author, John Lescroart

“Steve Eggleston’s Conflicted is a chilling, funny, moving, shocking thriller and Eggleston keeps every one of those elements in balance as he moves his story at a breakneck pace through as delicious a set of complications, re-complications, and surprises as I’ve seen in a long time.” -Review by New York Times bestselling author/former OMNI Editor-in-Chief Keith Ferrell

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It could be how you grew up in “Bomb City USA” (aka Collinwood), didn’t start a single football game in high school, thought of joining the Mafia, but instead became an NFL quarterback for the world champion Miami Dolphins. Dr. Kenneth Polke contacted me and together we wrote his compelling story, “Conquering Your Adversities,” which has now launched him into a compelling speaking career after retiring as a dental surgeon.

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Meet “the British Wolf of Wall Street,” Kenton Wiles, who was molested as a child by his own brother and today carries in his physiology the frightening scars and burden of Pure O, a rare form of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. His coming book, “There Is No Warm…there’s only hot and cold,” couldn’t be more timely as Catholic priests from across the world are being outed for their crimes. Kenton went on to become a highly successful financier, with his extraordinary tale expected to hit bookstore shelves next year.

But life isn’t all violence and transformation. Jeff and Clare Curtis’ book, “Cameron,” is a dramatic, heart-wrenching story with a happy ending about a British baby prematurely born in the Maldives during a violent Asian storm. Overcoming every hurdle imaginable, today Cameron Curtis is a healthy, happy two-year old boy who lives in Dubai with his equally happy parents. Their book has interested a London agent with hopes of becoming a movie or docu-drama.

Or maybe you’re more like my co-writer Jon Gordon, who offered a healthy, sugar-free ice cream into the American food market (called Clemmy’s), only to be crushed in an epic battle with Nestle Foods, not unlike that of Erin Brockovich (and with the same attorney). With Universal Pictures interested and a major Hollywood actor circling, our book, “The Food Mafia, the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth,” may soon hit the big screens as a major motion picture. Check out

Then there’s “Flatline, the day London died,” a cyberthriller written with a former MI6 (James Bond-style) agent whose name I cannot reveal unless…well, you know the rest. His story idea teamed a British MI6 agent with an American special ops man, which is why he hired me (for the American perspective). Kevin’s idea was brilliant, as he anticipated a theme similar (and maybe more clever) than that used in the James Patterson and Bill Clinton 2018 summer bestselling thriller, “The President is Missing!”

Point being, many of us have great stories – fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, biographies, true crime, thrillers, and dramas. Sometimes we tell our story to document our lives for our family; other times we tell stories to illustrate our achievements and inspire others; or we may seek to create memorable fiction or seek to expose a horrible injustice. No matter what your goal, I’m a ghostwriter for hire that can help you write your story in your voice and from your unique point-of-view, with the possibility of landing a book deal, TV series, or motion picture deal.

I’m represented by legendary literary manager Peter Miller, of Global Lion Management, who through the years has set up 1500+ books with the biggest publishers in the world, many resulting in TV shows or movies. One of Peter’s original clients was Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, whose book, “Helter Skelter,” told the Charlie Manson story. To this day, that book is the biggest-selling true crime book of all time.

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