About Steve Eggleston

Steve Eggleston is a Critically Acclaimed Bestselling Amazon Author, Writer-for-Hire Services, Ghostwriter or Co-Writer for Memoirs, Thrillers, White Papers, Legal Blogs, Diet & Health & More…

Steve Eggleston can be hired to ghostwrite, story edit, consult or assist you on any aspect of your book, novel, story, memoir, celebrity, injustice, film or entertainment property, Blog, White Paper, or brand.

Services are primarily geared toward the following:

  • Ghostwriting (under your name only, with me writing the book invisibly, as a ghost… for the full run down see how to hire a Ghostwriter)
  • Memoir Ghostwriting – Share a slice of your life with the world!
  • Co-writing (you & Steve Eggleston, or you | with Steve Eggleston, with me or a nom de plume, i.e., alias, depending on the subject matter)
  • Story Editor (me helping you sort out your story, write certain chapters, move the plot forward, or whatever needs to be done to get you to the next level)
  • Book Consultant (me advising you on how to organize, structure, and present your book or novel to secure an agent)
  • Book Publisher or Movie Pitch (me helping you do either or both, similar to the process we followed for “The Food Mafia”)
  • White Papers (me writing your White Papers for you as a ghost, co-writer with a member of your team, or credited writer)
  • Freelance Content of Any Kind (me writing whatever you need written, from web content to marketing personas or copy to publishable articles)
  • General Consultation (me advising you on any subject of my wide expertise where you think I would provide added value)

I’m Your Ghostwriter Ready To Help You…

Contact me for ghostwriting, writing collaborations, story editing, guidance and musing, inspirational memoirs, biographies, thrillers, mysteries, fiction, non-fiction, historical “faction”, health, diabetes, human interest, drones, cyber, cookbooks, blogs, white papers, and/or compelling content of any kind on most any subject, I’m here for you… Have Writing, Will Travel.


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