The Five Biggest Enemies of Being a Highly Successful Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters all of us are a peculiar breed. We’re the ancient wild Prezwalski Horse, the Blue Bird with burnished orange vest, the multi-coloured Betta with gills flaring when enemies threaten. And enemies we have, most notably and notoriously the mysterious, scary, beguiling axis of blockage known as Me, Myself and I. Private Enemy #1: …Is [...]

How to Find, Select, and Hire a Great Ghostwriter and Collaborator

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you,” said Maya Angelou, poet, singer, memoirist, and civil rights activist. The story gestates inside your very being and stirs your personal holy ghost, refusing to rest as discontent rattles the chains of your soul. The story could be anything. It could be an […]

Telling Your Story in a Modern Age…Give Wings to Your Essay, Short Story, Novelette, Novella, or Novel

Not all readers are the same. Like every person is different, so too is every reader. Some are too busy to read much. Except on a long vacation or flight, they don’t have the time. Others have a little bit of time, but only so much. An occasional evening, a lazy Sunday, regular commuter flights. […]

Put Brita on Your Xmas List — The Emperor is Naked!

Brita is my new hero. Brita Water Filters clean ordinary tap and stream water through a patented water filtration system that has been around for decades. For a twenty-spot, you can buy a fabulous pitcher or carry-anywhere thermos. https://www.brita.co.uk/. I’ve seen Brita’s for years, but until recently, I can sadly say I’ve never owned a […]

Steve Eggleston – Professional Cybersecurity Freelancer for Hire

I’ve co-written one fictional novel in the cybersecurity thriller genre with an ex-MI5 agent, called Flatline: The Day London Went Dark. This is the extraordinary tale of how special agents from Britain and the United States come together to prevent World War III (or Global Cyber War I), after amassed Zero Days are triggered following […]

Steve Eggleston – Hiring and Working with a Professional Ghostwriter

The Spark It begins with a spark. You have an idea that deserves a book. It could a memoir, a fictional story that would make a good read, maybe even a movie, a real-life injustice that cries for exposure, or simply a way to establish yourself as an authority in your chosen field of endeavor. […]

Steve Eggleston – Professional Memoir Ghostwriter for Hire

How to Write Your Memoir and Share it with the World: Interviews… Plot Lines… Getting Started… The Grind… Writer’s Block… Finishing Your Draft… Polishing Your Draft… Hiring an Editor… Submitting to an Agent… Self-Publishing… Slice-of-Life… Chronology of Events… Cast of Characters… Narrative Style… Point-of-View… Tense… Working Title… Length of Book… Chapter Outline… Chapter Titles… Research… […]

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