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This article by Matt Melon, Publisher of Ecohustler, eloquently describes what I do. Thank you, Matt, for the props.

Steve Eggleston Writes

By Matt Mellen
Control the narrative and you control reality. Stories are the fundamental unit of human culture. They literally make the world go round. Steve Eggleston not only understands this, he has created a business around it. The results are staggering. The individual can make a difference. With the support of such an accomplished expert, and with passion, focus, and a clear mission — no story is too big, too small, or too complicated. If you have a story to tell but are unsure how to get it out into the world, here is a one-man powerhouse who will find your story, tell your life in words, and conjoin the two poignantly to the page.“I’ve literally been writing all my life,” says Eggleston when I asked him how he got started. “But if you had to put a starting line to it, I would go back to sixth grade, when I was 12. My father was stationed at Westover Air Force Base in Puerto Rico (he was a B52 pilot), and my best friend, Gary Canzoneri, needed to do a semester report. Why I offered to do it for him, I do not know, but I did, and my mission was to handwrite a 100-page report on the USSR – the United Soviets Socialist Republic – against whom America was in a deep-freeze cold war. My parents had the full Encyclopedia Britannica series, so I needed to go no further than the bookshelf in our house.”Eggleston currently writes between Las Vegas, San Francisco, and a cottage in Somerset, England, where he is married to the love of his life, Dana Amma Day. Somerset is a long way from the metropolitan city, but precisely where the annual festival juggernaut called Glastonbury takes place. Perhaps it isn’t a coincidence that Steve has found himself on this hallowed magical Avalon turf. His life has been a riot of colour, music, adventure and professional success, with the Internet Age enabling him to pursue his craft anywhere in the world. “All I need is a laptop, a keyboard, preferably a roller mouse, and an internet connection,” he says, “and I can brew up a wonderful story, shine light in dark places, and enable people to publish works like memoirs, biographies, original fiction stories, inspirational self-helps, you name it.”

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