In Search of Natural Support for Diabetes Wellbeing: The Discovery of Lysulin (2019)

The Natural Solution To The Diabetes Epidemic: The Discovery of Lysulin (2019)

Lysulin Natural Solution to the Diabetes Epidemic Steve Eggleston Ghostwriter

Every 15 seconds, someone is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Every two minutes, someone dies from diabetes-related complications.

That’s a lot of sick and dying people.

Look to your left, then look to your right. You see obese children everywhere, and one in three adults over 50, seemingly “normal” men and women, are likely suffering from prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, or some form of metabolic disorder.

Diabetes type 2 and its cluster of related chronic diseases may be the worst pandemic in human history, taking more lives and causing more suffering than all wars and plagues combined.

After I co-wrote The Food Mafia with Jon Gordon, and The Fast Diabetes Solution: A Holistic Formula for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes and Living a Healthy, Happy Life, with the brilliant Australian pharmacist, Suzanne Ridley, I was chuffed to be approached by Angel Books to co-write a book on diabetes with legendary DEXCOM founder and biochemist Dr. John Burd.

In working with Dr. Burd, I learned about the absolutely critical role played by protein glycation in the body’s metabolic process, and how massively important it is to understand that process in seeking to manage and reverse type 2 diabetes.

In the process of researching this book, it was quite disconcerting to see the undeniable evidence that, for decades, America has persisted in blindly following a set of misguided, special-interest-dictated dietary policies that only make the diabetes pandemic worse, and that fuel reactive medical (and pharmacological) protocols that treat the symptoms while ignoring the core causes, cures, and natural solutions.

In our book, In Search of a Natural Treatment for Diabetes – The Discovery of Lysulin, we the story of how Dr. Burd and his colleagues, prompted by their curiosity over Glucose Toxicity, discovered a natural supplement they call Lysulin which tackles glucose toxicity with a vengeance and thereby helps beat (and for many people) reverse diabetes.

“I’m not going to say Lysulin is a miracle cure,” Dr. Burd will tell you, “because that would be irresponsible. But it’s a total gamechanger for those with diabetes.”

In fact, I’m so convinced of the efficacy of Lysulin, which has no side effects of any kind, that I have stepped up the plate and launched a store that sells it. Watch for news in the near future on how to obtain this amazing natural supplement in the United Kingdom.

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